Step by Step Actionable Advanced Webinar Marketing Strategies For Coaches, Speakers and Entrepreneurs
Massively Increase Your Sales by Building an Effective Webinar Funnel and Script
So You Have Prepared a Great Program That Helps People, Now What?
You Need to Promote It Like a
World Class Expert!
You Need To:
  •  Build a high converting sales page that turn your customers from interested into invested
  •  Prepare a highly effective webinar/seminar presentation that attracts and converts your potential clients to actual paying clients
  •  Prepare your pre-webinar and post webinar email sequence to follow up with customers to get the best results from your campaigns
  •  Have a step by step strategy to get yourself booked for webinars on a regular basis
And while doing all of these you need to NOT get overwhelmed and have a daily step by step action plan that helps you work ON your business instead of IN your business.

If you are like most experts who have created online courses you know that this is no easy task!

Well that’s till now!

Introducing:  Ultimate Webinar Funnel Live
Ultimate Webinar Funnel Live is the world’s leading 3 day implementation event designed specifically for experts just like you who have created their online course(s) and are ready to take it to the next level.

Ultimate Webinar Funnel Live is a “Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get It Done” event not like many other events a high level “Get Excited and Don't Do Anything Afterward” event.

At Ultimate Webinar Funnel Live you will learn world class strategies and tactics and right away prepare and implement them in your business.

In this 3 day event you will learn how to:

  •  Create and write content for high converting post-webinar sales pages
  • Setup and integrate the membership platform with your post-webinar sales page
  • Choose highly effective webinar titles and design structure to get high converting webinar registration landing pages
  • Prepare and schedule the webinar attendance emails to get the most number of attendees on your webinar
  • Plan, structure and present your webinar content to get actual paying clients right after the webinar (including the webinar script and pitch)
  • Get clients by using the post webinar email sequence and webinar replay
  • Manage technology (doing webinars by using platforms like Zoom or Webinar Jam) 
  •  Step by step plan to win joint ventures to promote your webinar to their lists
  • And much more
Just by looking at what you’ll learn at this event, you sure know that this is the marketing event of your lifetime that you need to attend.

If any of the words above is unfamiliar to you and you have an online course then you definitely need to be at this event.

Your Instructor
Iman Aghay is a serial entrepreneur, best selling author and international speaker. He founded Success Road Academy in 2010 which is one of the largest Information Marketing Training Centers in the world. He harnesses the power of the Internet and combines it with effective in-person marketing to help business owners grow their companies, and professionals position themselves as the go-to experts in their fields.
Also he is the creator of “Ultimate Course Formula” which helps experts create and sell online courses with a simple step by step process in 60 days or less.
Iman has worked with over 15,000 business owners in the past few years in his seminars, events, webinars, group coaching and one on one coaching sessions.

Iman is a TEDx speaker and has spoken on the stage over 400 times in the past few years in front of audiences of thousands of people. He has shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Dan Martell, Sean Stephenson, Ted McGrath, John Chow (#1 online marketing blogger in Canada) as well as presenters from the David Suzuki Foundation, Hootsuite, Yelp and many others.

He has been featured on CBC radio, Shaw TV, Fox, CBS news, ABC, NBC and has made the cover of several national and international magazines

Iman’s passion is helping entrepreneurs to succeed. He won the People's Choice Award for being one of the top 25 immigrants in Canada, and shares this honour with media mogul Peter Legge, Dragon’s Den star Robert Herjavec and John Furlong, CEO of Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Dates and Venue
The event will be on:
November 15 - 17, 2019
Friday and Saturday From 9am to 9pm(PST)
Sunday From 9am to 6pm(PST)

Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport
7311 Westminster Hwy,
Richmond, BC V6X 1A3

Your Investment
Generally for a bootcamp similar to this is priced at $10,000.

However we know such an investment will make it hard for many people who really need to access this information.

So we are going to make this event so affordable that anyone can attend!

Regular seat

  • Access to the main event
VIP Ticket

  • VIP Cocktail Party on Thursday in the Evening
  • Breakfast and Lunch Every Day of The Event
  • Recording of the event
  • Promotional Partnership Masterclass Program ($2,000 Value)
  • Q&A Session During VIP Lunch with Guest Speakers
  • Reserved VIP Seats in Front of The Room

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You'll get a 100% refund if you are not fully satisfied with the value you receive. You must attend the seminar to be eligible for a refund.
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